CMS Conference Centre offers you great facilities to make your next event a success!
Featuring three large meeting rooms (also known as the dining room, meeting room and games rooms), one private lounge room, all centrally heated or heated by cosy wood-burning fire places.

Facilities are flexible and provide all the basic conference room facilities you’ve come to expect. Inspections of our facilities are available by appointment, simply phone or email us to arrange a time.

Facilities include:

  • Two ceiling mounted data projectors
  • Two electric projection screens
  • Digital TV’s
  • DVD Players
  • Video Players
  • Wireless microphones including a headset microphone for speakers
  • Audio system, capable of connecting with iPod’s and other audio devices
  • Whiteboards – fixed and mobile
  • Digital Piano
  • Electric Organ
  • Games room, including table tennis, and other indoor activities
  • Outdoor volleyball net